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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lululemon 12 Week Challenge A Success!!

A Vision… A Goal… Motivation… Drive…  Success.

Goal Setting.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself?

Were you able to achieve that goal?

What about rewarding yourself for it in the end to acknowledge all of your hard work and dedication?

What better way to reward yourself for reaching that goal then to treat yourself!

Whether it be a pedicure or a massage, whether it be a night out or an extra something special from your favorite sweet shop.

It is always nice to recognize all of your efforts!

Well, our local group of Fit Yummy Mummy's has done just that and I am so darn proud of each of them!!

Twelve weeks ago an idea started to run a Fitness Challenge amongst ourselves. 

For most of us we work out together once, twice even three times a week.  We keep ourselves motivated by working out as a group and at the same time we share our nutrition tips and strategies.

We wanted something to keep ourselves that much more accountable to our healthy lifestyle and to each other.

Jessica and I came up with the details of the challenge and we titled it the Lululemon Challenge.  Meaning a Lululemon shopping trip was our reward in the end!  How cool is that!  Our challenge ran from August 10 to November 2.

Having never been to a Lululemon Athletica location yet, I was SUPER pumped and excited to check out what was in store for us!

Well, low and behold was there ever something in store for all of us!!

Lululemon Athletica Masonville set us up the best night of shopping ever!  They were FanTasTic!!! 

First thing we noticed when we entered the store was a HUGE sign welcoming us Yummy Mummy’s!!  


We were flattered and immediately our shopping trip was off to a great start!

We all picked up a little of this and some of that and started trying stuff on.  Well word got out that the “Fit Yummy Mummy's” were in the store and soon Christa, Laryssa and Marie were at our side cheering us on! 

They helped with sizes and ideas for different styles of clothes we needed.  They even provided an assortment of yummy veggies, fruit, cheeses and dips just for us! 


It was just too cool and they were so SUPER nice!  You girls ROCK and totally made our night!


Lululemon Athletica Masonville went above and beyond to make our shopping trip the MOST enjoyable!   We never expected that our little idea of challenging and motivating one another would lead to such a recognition!  We were completely flattered by their amazing hospitality and keen interest in our inspiring stories!

Thank you for EVERTHING Lululemon Athletica Masonville, especially Christa, Laryssa and Marie!    


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